Government College for Men was started in the year 1948 as second grade college by the name Government Arts College. In 1949 Science groups were introduced in the form of Intermediate course with mathematics, Physics and Chemistry combinations and in 1950 Natural Science, Physics and Chemistry were started. In the year 1957 intermediate course was abolished and PUC was introduced in its place.

In July 1958, three year Degree B.Sc. special courses were introduced with,

  1. Chemistry, Physics and Zoology.
  2. Botany, Zoology and Chemistry

Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry combinations were sanctioned. In 1998-1999 several restructured courses like Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology were introduced. From 1998-1999 chemistry was offered as one of the subjects for various science groups of restructured courses.

          The department of chemistry has continually been striving for excellence in teaching and research. Faculty members of the department are highly qualified, dedicated and competent in teaching as well as in research. The faculty members lay emphasis on inclusion of modern teaching technologies viz. LCDs, Models and Practical demonstration. The department has 2 computer systems with internet facility.

The existing groups are:

  1. Chemistry in combination with Mathematics and Physics (English & Telugu medium)
  2. Chemistry in combination with Geology and Physics (English & Telugu medium)
  3. Chemistry in combination with Botany and Zoology (English & Telugu medium)
  4. Chemistry in combination with Biotechnology and Zoology (English medium)     
  5. Chemistry in combination with Biotechnology and Botany (English medium)


Highlights of the Department


  • 1.The Department has highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty.
  • 2.The chemistry students showed linear progress in securing seats in P.G entrance as well as employment every year.
  • 3.The Faculty members encourage students with free study material for UG examinations as well as Competitive Exams i.e., M.Sc Entrance and other competitive exams.
  • 4.The department conducting Model PG entrance examination to the aspirants every year.
  • 5.The department started to conduct certificate course on “Hands on experience in Chem Draw”. It is useful to learn more knowledge on chemistry software.
  • 6.The department  encouraging the students to participate interdisciplinary competitions and also sending the students to outside.
  • 7.The department  celebrating National Chemistry Day (10th, Dec), AIDS day (1st, Dec) and National Science Day (Feb, 28th) every year. Encourages the students by conducting quiz and essay writing competitions.
  • 8.The lecturers are explored new methodologies in preparation of “New Course material and question banks”.
  • 9.The department  conducting extension lectures every year, which is useful to the students to know the current trends in chemistry as well as research going on.
  • 10.Frequent seminars, Quiz programmes, Group Discussions  are conducted to the students
  • 11.Explaining the mistakes done by the students in Internal exams, Semester end exams.
  • 12.Lecturers arrange students study projects to the interested students.
  • 13.The faculty members encourage students to perform Science Fair Projects on the occasions.
  • 14.Complete career guidelines provided to the students from first year onwards.
  • 15.Lecturers shows more care to prevent the chemical accidents. The department has FIRST AID BOX and fire extinguishers for chemical accidents.